About Me

Donna McGoff is a Certified Life Coach, retired English teacher and counselor with a Master's in Human Development, Counseling and Family Studies.

She is the author of Learn To Flex Your Mental Muscles, The Power of Goal Setting (for children), Recover and Heal From The Inside Out, and inventor of board games for counselors and therapists to supplement their work with children.

Once divorced, Donna found herself with no plan of action and was "stuck" and "in pain" for a long time. After trying many options with no success; and counseling being one of them, she developed her own plan--a five step results-driven process to help move her out of where she was and into embracing a new beginning creating a new life on her own terms.

She uses this process with her clients; and now, Donna offers her process as an online course so that she can reach more women. It is her passion to empower divorced women to move out of the past and gain control over their own destiny and rebuild a new life filled with joy and happiness.

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